Corner Johns van Niekerk and, Christopher Starke St, Atlantis, Cape Town, 7539


State of the Art Composite Processes

Phoenix uses a range of technologies from pre impregnated carbon fibre to vacuum-infused e-glass. From decades of experience in polymers and hull design and a firm finger on the pulse of upcoming materials we fuse technologies in unique ways. Optimal design is ultimately proven through finite element analysis.


Monocoque Structure

Using a monocoque structure, fundamental stresses are distributed to maintain structural soundness in extreme conditions.


Vacuum Infused Epoxy Boat Hulls

Hulls are typically engineered e glass outer layers vacuum infused with epoxy vinyl ester resin with an inner core of divinycell PVC foam.

Our Mission is to thoughtfully design luxury catamarans that challenge the boundaries of life at sea.

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