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Brightwork: The Aesthetic of Steel

 The gleam of highly polished stainless steel adds an elegance to the feel of yachts. It transforms the steps onto the vessel into sleek staircases and the railings along the open deck into your balcony onto the sea.

Stainless Work

Durable Protection

Marine-grade stainless steel is designed for the harsh environments of salt water and extreme changes in temperature and humidity and the thick handrails provide handgrips and reliable safety.

Stainless Work

Critical Structures

The structural strength and longevity of stainless steel is used to fix the mast to the hull on each side. Rather than keeping the mast plate hidden, exposed parts of well-crafted stainless steel are an aesthetic quality that last as long as the yacht itself.

Our Mission is to thoughtfully design luxury catamarans that challenge the boundaries of life at sea.

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