Corner Johns van Niekerk and, Christopher Starke St, Atlantis, Cape Town, 7539




Growing The Phoenix

In this expanding boatyard, people with no skills and decades of experience all find opportunity. This is centred in the fundamental belief that given opportunity, it is only an individual’s passion to find their potential and the pride to master their talents and themselves that stands in their way.

A well-oiled training assessment programme helps get new crew onboarded quickly. Not just in the technical aspect of their job but in the human part of fitting into a micro-community.

South Africa’s divided past impels us to stitch our social fabric back together. Our holistic personal development sessions help us see that as much as individuals have differing points of view, or different gender, race or cultural experiences, we still share far more in common. A work micro-community that can thrive together can spill out of work hour boundaries and help us be better people in all situations too.  


Flying Higher

Beyond the immediate needs of department teams or the yard as a whole, training to support each person’s true potential is open to everyone. Over 20% of our crew tend to be in internal upskilling programmes to gain seniority or take on new roles. Factor shop cleaners have become laminators, carpenters have become managers, and the next leader of the yard could come from anywhere.