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Our Award Winning Catamaran

Two elements defined its distinctive look. The first being the unique curvaceous arch, or targa, at the rear of the vessel. Within it is a conduit for the lines on the starboard side to the yacht’s helm on the port side. A multitude of little sheaths direct the motion of the ropes without undue friction.

The other defining feature being the large ‘gill’ windows on each side of the hull that  offer an expansive view of the surroundings right from the cabins, and lend the option for an interior awash with natural light.

Our Yachts are Built Using Established Suppliers

Energy Systems

Harnessing More Power Of The Elements

The X5 plus ups the wind force it can gather with a 3 foot bowsprit that allowed a third headsail to be fitted. It ups the power of the sun it can absorb with vari-angular walk on-glass solar panels. The 2.2kWh they can generate are enough to power everything on the boat and the 22kWh of lithium-ion battery capacity can power the boat till dawn with moderate air conditioning.

Free freshwater from the skies can now be captured with the rainwater harvesting system we’ve engineered. The X5 Plus ups the power and lowers your carbon emissions.


Single-handed Ocean-Cruising Ease

All lines lead to the helm station, making it easier than every before to sail comfortably from an all-weather protected double seat. Fully power-steered and with dual-speed electric winches to adjust all lines, sailing is now so relaxing, we even included a cup holder.


Simplifying Life With Smart Technology

Monitor all systems from an iPad and enjoy full home automation with programmable ambiance in lights, music, and temperature. Digital sensors also upload critical information via satellite link to the boatyard to help you stay ahead of your maintenance. You’re also covered for support from anywhere in the world.


Homely Comfort With All The Luxuries

Beds and sofas in king sizes,  customised to your firmness preference in multiple layers of memory foam support you when it’s time to relax. Smooth, soft double-vinyl panels fill the interior space where the wood finishes end. A kitchen to suit a chef and an array of appliances to fill the role of an electronic housekeeper are all standard.

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